If we are at a given worst situation are we not going to strive to be better? If we are better, are we not going to strive to become the best of what we do? In freelancing how can we be closer to be the best virtual assistant?

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is a way of offering a professional, administrative, technical, artistic, skillful work or service to person, entity or organization by hour, day or contract period rather than as a regular employee in exchange of monetary pay or its equivalent.

What is Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is commonly referred to a person remotely working from home office who offers professional, administrative, technical and creative services to clients. Virtual assistant is also widely called home virtual assistant, online virtual assistant or virtual office assistant. 

How to start working online at home as virtual assistant?

The pandemic season bring the general working class as well as businesses into a worldwide situation way different to what we are accustomed to. A way beyond normal that is now widely accepted as a new normal. Many lost jobs and many business are struggling. Lots of us are also adapting and coping up the trend. Vast number of the populace are in a dilemma as to where we are going or what will happen next and a lot more are striving to fight whatever challenges in order to carry on and keep going and be relieve to the untoward situation we are into. Among the common challenge to everyone especially those who lost job and income is where to work now and how to compete with the mass supply of workers due to worldwide recession. The emergence of low confidence and uncertainties and uncontended workers are rising up. Are we going to stay in our undesirable situation? Don’t we want to alleviate our life’s condition? Are we going to allow to be defeated with the enemy and embrace desperation? I guess not and I believe most of us would agree with me that it is best to counter the enemy by becoming the best version of ourselves.

Taking the first step of becoming the best virtual assistant

Start, just start!

Among the various ways to fight against the difficulties we are facing nowadays is to tap into the trending work from home opportunities. Consider becoming an online virtual assistant by choosing your field of expertise. Digital transformation is unavoidable and it has taken place. And today’s the good time to recollect oneself and do upskilling. I know it is not easy and will not be easy to jump over to something new but it is worthwhile and would be helpful if we can start ahead. Take simple steps or take the first step. Give time. Research and reflect. I personally had a dilemma myself as to what to do right now being unemployed and loss business in this trying times. I don’t know where to go, I don’t know where to start all over. I felt less confidence with my skills and my past work experience. I felt tired. Until I decided to take online classes and explore what I can do in the digital world. A colleague of mine introduce me a site whom she happen to enroll named Filipino Virtual Assistance. At first I am hesitant. I bumped from one academy to another. Even when I already enrolled to different Online Academy and kept in researching over the net for skill upgrade I still felt lost. It is not that easy to make up to your direction but I did not give up. If you are like me who wanted to grow but is unsure yet what to do first try to check Relevant Skills in Freelancing this might help you the way it did to me. Also please check further this article about How to choose your freelancing niche this will save you a lot of time and avoid same mistakes I did.

Acquire the best training in virtual assistance freelancing

As of now from the then no direction human on earth, I can confidently say I am ready to become the best virtual assistant next door. Being enrolled in FVA Academy by Filipino Virtual Assistance Academy help me a lot. The inspiring, organized and very accommodating coach of FVA matters to me a lot. I felt not alone in facing this battle. As of now, I am equipped with online skills and tools I have not given attention to before. I have good background now about Social Media Management & Marketing. I can make a Social Media Plan and Schedule it thru Hootsuite. I am able to create marketing mediums with the help of Canva and more. By the way despite facing uncertainties and fears this season, I think it gives me a blessing in disguise. Since 2010 I have been interested and dreaming working online at home as a virtual assistant but I was occupied with a lot of other work and things. Right now I can say I am equipped with the necessary skills of becoming the best virtual assistant that i want to be. I believe this is the right time for me to chase my dream. This is not the end. It is just the beginning. I want to invite you to become the best virtual assistant of your choice as well. Let’s chase dreams together.

So help me God! And thank you Lord God for paving the way. Please bless us and our society.

God bless everyone.

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